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Tagir Sitdekov

Tagir Sitdekov

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Tagir Sitdekov biography

Tagir Sitdekov was born 12/6/1976. There is no publicly available information about the earliest years of the manager’s life, but it is known that Sitdekov Tagir went to high school in the capital. 

Tagir Sitdekov then studied at the famous University of Economics (known as the Academy of Economics at the time) named for Georgy Valentinovich Plekhanov. According to various rating agencies (in particular, the Expert Rating Agency), PRUE is a class C university, meaning it offers a high level of professional graduate training. Sitdekov received his degree in economics in 2001.  

Tagir Sitdekov already had managerial experience when he entered the Executive Master of Business Administration program at the University of Chicago, which helped him successfully master the specialized training program and prepare to enter the highest level of company management.  

Tagir Sitdekov: Consulting and investment banking

Sitdekov Tagir Alievich has been working on issues of business development for more than 25 years. He got his start at PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), one of the giants of the global consulting market and one of the four largest professional service networks in the world. Sitdekov Tagir specialized as a consultant on business development projects for the energy and mining industries during his time at PwC. 

The Tagir Sitdekov biography has included providing consultation to the heads of industrial enterprises on a wide range of issues, and he decided to move to the narrower investment banking segment of the financial market in 2011. Sitdekov Tagir Alievich acquired experience in this field as an employee of Creditanstalt Investment Bank. 

Tagir Sitdekov: Background in management

The Tagir Sitdekov biography has been developing in the management of various large enterprises since 2003, and he then proved his administrative skills and competencies in a key position at an energy company that was still getting off the ground during his time.  

Sitdekov Tagir joined the leadership of the Sochi TPP at a time when large-scale work was being carried out at the power facility in the largest city of the Black Sea coast before the 2014 Olympic Games. The Tagir Sitdekov biography included responsibility for the financial management of the newly created company. The major projects and further development of the thermal power plant largely depended on competent cash flow management and planning. 

Sitdekov Tagir Alievich was guided in his work by the strategic goals of the Sochi TPP. The manager was responsible for assessing the power generating enterprise’s prospects for development and formulating the relevant financial plan, taking market conditions into account.   

Sitdekov Tagir successfully managed to ensure the financial stability of this significant infrastructure facility and then shifted his focus to investments. In subsequent years, he held senior positions in various companies in this sector of the economy. 

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema

The Tagir Sitdekov biography has included management of a corporation with its feet in the industrial, technological, consumer, and financial sectors of the economy since 2021. The investment company, which has been on the market since 1993, invited the top manager to one of its highest positions.  

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema was responsible for the strategic development of a number of the corporation’s portfolio businesses during his first year. In particular, he was responsible for strengthening the market positions of its assets in areas such as private medicine and pharmaceutical production. 

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema formulated a developmental plan for the corporation’s portfolio companies that proved to be highly efficient. Based on its 2021 performance, Medsi, a network of private clinics within the corporation, topped the Vademecum Center’s list of the 200 leading businesses in the local commercial healthcare system. The analysts noted a more than 20% increase in revenue year-over-year and a significant increase (29.4%) in the total square footage of the network’s medical centers due to the acquisition of new facilities in the regions beyond the capital. Additionally, the number of services provided increased by more than a third and visits by a quarter.

Tagir Sitdekov also supervised major investment projects for the Medsi clinical hospital in Otradnoye, including the opening of a children’s inpatient ward treating everything from pediatric urology to infections. The clinic also offers a 360 range of services, including outpatient care, rehabilitation, and patient home care. 

Sitdekov also supervised the launch of the SmartLab laboratory network, with a production complex covering 21,500 square feet.  

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema contributed to significant private healthcare projects, including the opening of outpatient oncology centers. Specialized Medsi centers have also opened their doors in Schelkov, Izhevsk, and Perm. The centers offer diagnostic studies and personalized medical and supportive care for patients with malignant tumors. Medsi’s outpatient clinics, supported by Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema, have also made comprehensive medical care available to a wide range of cancer patients. Hospitalization in the network’s clinics in the capital is covered by the compulsory health insurance system. 

Sitdekov Tagir Alievich has also contributed to the dynamic growth of Binnopharm Group, another part of the Sistema portfolio. In 2021, this pharmaceutical asset increased the volume of its medical production and sales. In the retail sector, it increased by more than 20%, as compared to an average of 6% for the pharmaceutical market. Binnopharm Group continued to strengthen its position in the first half of 2022, increasing its retail sales by another 32% year-over-year.

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema has also stepped up the development of the corporation’s export business. In the last quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, the pharmaceutical subsidiary opened offices in six CIS countries, thus ensuring an increase in the supply of medicine: By July 2022, export sales saw a one-and-a-half-fold increase, and by the end of the year, the revenue from sales abroad had increased by nearly a quarter.

Sitdekov Tagir Alievich: Managing a large corporation 

The Tagir Sitdekov biography entered a new stage when he became the president of Sistema in the summer of 2022 as the corporation rotated its managerial personnel. The corporation’s success now largely depends on the decisions made by its top manager.  

Sitdekov Tagir oversaw the development of a full-scale ESG strategy for Sistema, envisioning the development of all the corporation’s portfolio assets in accordance with the principles of transparent and responsible business conduct in relation to key stakeholders – contractors, suppliers, partners, consumers, and investors.

Tagir Sitdekov, head of the Sistema management team, works tirelessly to improve the efficiency of corporate governance, enabling the business to strengthen the value and sustainability of its portfolio companies while taking social and environmental considerations into account. 

Tagir Sitdekov helped the Segezha Group timber holding, one of Sistema’s largest portfolio assets, significantly increase its adoption of environmentally aware technologies. The company’s enterprises – and there are more than two dozen of them – are transitioning to waste-free production. For example, sawmilling by-product is used to power factories and combines, and the company is actively transitioning to boiler plants that run on wood chips, bark, and sawdust, thus reducing the use of fuel oil. Overall, the volume of hazardous waste was cut by 72% in just two years.   

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema has allocated a significant portion of the Segezha Group budget to environmental protection. In 2021 alone, over 670 million rubles (one and a half times the amount spent the previous year) were put towards projects aimed at preventing climate change, protecting and rehabilitating land, collecting and treating wastewater, and developing new low-impact technologies. The total amount invested into eco-friendly production exceeded 7 billion rubles.

Tagir Sitdekov emphasizes that Segezha Group itself resolved to increase the annual area of reforestation. In 2021, the holding initially announced that it would reforest 81,550 acres of forests, but in the end, it covered a third more land, replanting 95,380 acres.

Tagir Sitdekov’s time as president of the corporation has been one of financial growth, thanks to the dynamic development and strengthening of the market positions of assets from the fields of telecommunications, agriculture, financial technology, media, forestry, private healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

Tagir Sitdekov: Philanthropic activities 

Sitdekov Tagir also became the chairman of the board of trustees of the corporate charitable foundation in 2022. Under his guidance, significant social projects are being developed and carried out. 

Sitdekov Tagir coordinates the strategy for implementing programs aimed at supporting talented youth, developing professional skills, and offering career guidance. In 2023, Sistema’s fund and portfolio companies plan to invest more than 50 million rubles towards scholarship programs for high school and college students.